Captain William Emerson (Born 1996), was an officer in the United states air force and saw significant action in the second Korean war. Joining UNIRO in 2027, he commands search and rescue squadron 3. Emerson is considered an international hero for his actions during the Korean war but it is a title he believes he does not deserve. He is stubborn, passionate for those under his command, and terrified of his past. 


Lieutenant Seong Jeon (born 2001), is second in command of Search and rescue squadron 3. A citizen of korea, he fled the devastating war to eventually become a member of uniro so that others would not have to ever suffer through what he witnessed. Seong greatly admires both Captain emerson and his fellow squadron members. He contends with a stutter and doubts himself but always tries to remain positive. 


Sergeant Vega Horbert (born 1998), is a former member of the Israel defense forces elite unit 669. of all the members of William's team, she is by far the most experienced in search and rescue operations. Vega is tired of watching her homeland be consumed with war and hate and believes that through uniro she can help it achieve something it has long sought, lasting peace and stability. she is quiet, tough, and beautiful. 


Sergeant Paul macom (Born 1994), is a man of unwavering, silent faith who sees his time with UNIRO as being the ultimate service to his devotion. He loves movies and can often be found watching one from his enormous collection on his glass tablet. Paul is helpful, caring, and very distracted whenever a movie is playing.


Rescue Officer Simba mambiri (born 1995), is the loudest and most flamboyant of William's squadron members. he is big, brave, strong, and seemingly always hungry. 


rescue officer Amanda Miller (born 2003), is a passionate proponent of science and environmentalism. she is witty and willing to stand up for what she believes to be right, even when no one else will. sometimes though, one may wonder whether she likes to be around animals more than people. Amanda is responsible for the squadrons search and rescue german Shepard, shampoo. 


rescue officer vinny mckay (born 1991), is a former firefighter from Vancouver, Canada. Vinny has a taste for the reckless and is always willing to make a constructive explosion or two. He loves to cook and, despite Uniro's dietary red meat restrictions, will never cease to find some steaks. 


rescue officer heather phillips (born 2000), is a former us navy medic who now serves as the primary medic within search and rescue squadron 3. heather will put her life on the line to save anyone in need. her family is thankful that she never saw action on the Korean peninsula as she was stationed in Europe, but she secretly regrets it, fearing she missed an opportunity to save countless lives.


rescue officer Dwayne J. Pate (born 1999), otherwise known as dj, is search and rescue squadron 3's drone specialist. he won't admit it, but he is obsessed with drones, often naming them as if they were his pets. dj always dreams of being able to fly manned uniro aircraft one day but cannot due to a medical condition. 


rescue officer Abeo Lawal (born 1990), is a former employee of Nigeria's national emergency management agency. he was fired after repeated cry-wolfs involving oil spills off the coast in the Gulf of Guinea; until it actually happened when at which point he was given his job back. Instead of taking it, he joined UNIRO. Abeo is sometimes cynical and, unlike most others in his squadron, can have a negative attitude. 


rescue officer dao Jinping (born 1999), is from china. he is wise beyond his years and very soft spoken. he enjoys drinking tea while studying how best to help his country remedy its various environmental issues. 


rescue officer Samir Mamedov (born 2004), is a reclusive member of search and rescue squadron 3 who would rather be alone in his room then conversing with this fellow squadron members. many wonder why he even joined uniro at all. 


rescue officer Sergey mamedov (born 2007), is the brother of samir mamedov. he is the youngest member of William's squadron and being so often makes him feel shy. Sergey feels sorry for his older brother and his reclusiveness; wishing he would be more of a team player.


rescue officer gaspard fortin (born 1993), is a former mechanical engineer with a minor in chemistry. before joining uniro, he used his degrees to assist with building desalination projects around the Mediterranean sea. he is a realist that is always up to date on current world events. 


rescue officer mario niccolo (born 2001), is a man looking for fun and excitement during his time with uniro. born in the hillsides of Italy, mario enjoys the simple things in life. 


Rescue officer nancy lewis (born 1999), is a computer genius assigned to be William's administrative aide. although not a member of search and rescue squadron 3, she is still a vital asset to uniro, tasked in overseeing and maintaining base tranquility's intricate computer systems. 


Guardsman Jake Sheroff (born 1996), is a member of base tranquility's private security agency, ISAF. Jake is an imposing physical presence, being almost seven feet tall. He is very loyal to his agency and mistrusts any who doubt its mission of safety and security. 


Chief of security patrick Hernandez (born 1985), is the leader of isaf at base tranquility. having served in Mexico's federal police tackling cartels for most of his life, he is a hardened combatant of atrocities. he is calm under pressure and poetic in his manner. like so many others, he is an admirer of William and quickly befriends him upon his joining of uniro. 


Base commander Alice hammond (born 1973), is commander of UNIRO's base tranquility. she is one of Britain's most distinguished war veterans, serving in both the Afghanistan and Korean theaters. she is weary of the world having lost many under her command, especially during her time in Korea. she greatly distrusts William and his ability to lead. Stoic, straight forward, and seen as a rock of discipline to those under her, Hammond is not someone you want to get in the way of.   


Colonel John Morrison (born 1991), is William's best friend, having met in the dying days of the Korean war. Like William, John is also a former member of the United States Air Force, having served as a flight surgeon. Now in UNIRO, he is one of base Tranquility's head medical doctors and is often a mentor for William to look up to. John is kind, empathetic, and sometimes socially awkward. 


Major Eric Hansen (born 1988), is an angry Australian group commander for the hundreds of trainees readying to join the ranks of UNIRO, including William and his squadron. Rude and impatient, Hansen brings fear to the hearts and minds of the trainees he torments. he believes that if someone can make it past him, they can make it past anything in the field. 


Director-General Roque Ferrer (Born 1991), is the charismatic leader of the united nations international rescue organization. He is a man who is viewed by much of the world, particularly its youth, as a political messiah, invigorating sense and reason back into global governance and standing against the corrupt. The architect of UNIRO, his ability to debate and negotiate are legendary. Nothing stands in his way, his drive is contagious, and his energy is more than electric, it is world changing.   

*All characters on this page are fictional*