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Welcome to the UNIROverse.
Dive into a world set in the near future on the brink of societal collapse due to global climate change. All that stands in the way of humanity's destruction is Captain William Emerson and UNIRO, an international agency meant to help rebuild our planet. But a new and powerful terrorist organization called Terra Nova, bred from inaction and hate, rises to power trying to bring the world down a darker path of their own design...
Follow the adventures, successes, and failures of the civilization's last hope; for after this storm there will be no calm. The end of the Beginning is here. 
"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."   
- Winston Churchill
The End of the Beginning




The End of the Beginning:
The First Missions of UNIRO and other Adventures...



The End of the Beginning:
Our Last Resolv e 
Coming December 2019

"Zachary Eichholz’s debut novel is truly a work of art. Through vivid storytelling, he takes his readers on an epic journey into the future, where the world is hanging by a thread. Packed with nonstop action and clever repartee, this science/climate fiction union is timely, and perhaps even forewarning, with its profound but simple narrative: we must work with nature, not against it."


- Dr. Natalie M. Dorfeld, Florida Institute of Technology Assistant Professor of English, Arts, and Communication    

"This novel is characterized by its creative plot, empathy-evoking characters, and an element of mystery. In addition to being an absolutely enthralling novel, The End of the Beginning also serves to warn its readers against the consequences of human disregard for nature, such as climate change and nuclear war, which is what makes Eichholz's work particularly powerful in today's society. I would definitely recommend this novel."

- Amazon reviewer

"The setting of the book revolves around UNIRO, an organization created in the near-future that aims to respond to climate change using rescue operations and engineering projects. The novel is clearly well-researched and gave me a lot of value in that regard. However, I believe the biggest strength of the book is its colorful set of characters and the scenarios that they find themselves needing to respond to. This book brought out all of my emotions and had me laughing, crying, angry, and cheering throughout. The last 1/5 of the book is particularly captivating.
Definitely worth a read for anyone that enjoys a good book."


- Amazon reviewer

"Captivating, intriguing, authentic in its dealings with human psychology, technology and fascinatingly relatable to current events, Zachary Eichholz's first novel is hard to put down until you've finished reading it, but even then, it keeps you wanting to read more and more about Captain Emerson and UNIRO. Relatable characters, well-researched writing, realistic technology, dozens of things you'd want to learn more about, and some good old action all cradling a warm heart simply looking for people to rescue... Can't wait for more from Eichholz!"

- amazon reviewer

"The End of the Beginning is an exciting, crisp science fiction book by Zachary Eichholz. Within its 517 pages, mankind tries to find a way to reverse the damage done to our planet. Is it too little, too late? The ending of the book left me with unanswered questions. I really hope the author is working on a sequel. Despite its cliffhanger ending, I still believe it deserves to be rated 4 out of 4 stars. Science fiction lovers are sure to enjoy this book!"



This is only the end of the beginning...

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